23-08-2023 - 23-08-2023

On 23rd August 2023, a significant knowledge-sharing session took place at the TWJ Research Center in Mangaon. The lecture, titled "Understanding Rotary: Impact and Community Engagement," was delivered by Sapna Sheth (President of Rotary Club Of Raigad Fort ). The objective of the lecture was to provide insights into the Rotary organization's mission, values, and its impactful role in community development. Key Points: Introduction to Rotary's history and values. Showcased Rotary's impact through community initiatives. Explained the six areas of focus for comprehensive development. Encouraged volunteer participation for positive change. Impact: Increased awareness about Rotary's contributions. Inspired interest in community engagement and volunteerism.

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Start Date 23-08-2023
End Date 23-08-2023
Cost 1000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 20
Partner Clubs TWJ Research Center, Mangaon
Non Rotary Partners TWJ Research Center, Mangaon
Category Others