25-04-2024 - 25-04-2024

Colouring Competition for kids @ Ranjasugandh Pustak Bagh izes were awarded to winners in different age categories, encouraging healthy competition and motivation among participants. Interactive Sessions: Apart from the competition, interactive sessions were conducted to educate children about the importance of art and creativity in personal development. The Colouring Competition organized by the Rotary Club of Raigad Fort at Pustakbagh, Mahad, was a resounding success, with over 200 children actively participating and enjoying the event. By nurturing creativity and providing a joyful experience, the competition contributed significantly to the holistic development of children in the community. Through such initiatives, the Rotary Club continues to uphold its commitment to serving the community and promoting the well-being of children through constructive and engaging activities.

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Start Date 25-04-2024
End Date 25-04-2024
Cost 7000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 250
Partner Clubs -
Non Rotary Partners Ranjasugandh Pustak Bagh
Category Others, Rotary Promtion Events