01-06-2024 - 22-06-2024

Our club implemented a project aimed at promoting water conservation by distributing aerators to 500 individuals. Aerators are devices designed to reduce water flow from faucets without compromising water pressure, thereby promoting efficient water usage. Impact: Water Conservation: The aerators distributed are estimated to save some percentage of water per household per month. Awareness: Recipients were educated on water-saving practices, contributing to increased awareness about sustainable water use in their daily routines. Feedback: Feedback from recipients has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for the aerators and pledging to adopt more water-efficient habits. The project has inspired community members to consider broader conservation efforts.

Project Details

Start Date 01-06-2024
End Date 22-06-2024
Project Cost 25000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 1000
No of direct Beneficiaries 1500
Partner Clubs -
Non Rotary Partners -
Project Category District Thrust Area, Water and Sanitation